I like playing around with Photoshop and people always ask me if they could have one of my photos as a wallpaper. So I created this page where you can download some of my photos as wallpapers. I’m currently only uploading in 1920×1280 resolution which should be big enough for most displays. If you like one of the wallpapers and decide to use it crop it for something. Just please let me know for what. I dont mind if you do its more of me being curious how it’ll be used and flattered. However if you do take one of my photos and use it for personal gain claiming it as one of yours that’s not cool. I’ll organize the wallpapers into categories once I have more but for now they’ll all be on this page. Clicking on a photo will open a new window of the picture in full resolution.

Alone Bird WallpaperGreen Trees Road Wallpaper
Dark Eyed Junco WallpaperYellow Blue Flower Wallpaper
Black and White Crow WallpaperWithering Sunflower Wallpaper

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