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My Old Photos

Old PicturesIn this post I thought id share some of my older photos. These pictures were taken with a Sony DSC-W7 and Panasonic FZ7 digital camera. The Panasonic was a replacement for my Sony which broke. These were taken almost 10 years ago. The first picture below was taken in Upstate New York one summer day. The one next to it was taken around 2005 in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The photo next to the green ball was taken during my vacation in the Bahamas. The photo with the blue light trails was when I first started experimenting with long shutters. The photo next the the snow globe was taken in Upstate New York. The cool grass macro was taken in Clarence Fahnestock Memorial State Park. The Manhattan pictures were all taken the same day. They were shot during my visit to the Statue of Liberty.

Upstate NYBosnia KljucOld And1 ShoeUpstate HighwayCold WaterDowntown NYCRoof DoorStatue of LibertyBlue Light EffectDowntown ManhattanBahamasGreen BallUpstate New YorkSunflowerGrass MacroNYC Roof HDROld RadioSunflower MacroCloud RaysSunset Upstate NYSnow Globe

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