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Thought I would incorporate a blog into my website. So here’s my first post. I’m not entirely sure what I’ll write about. Maybe for this first post I’ll give a little insight into what programs I use and which camera. All my photos are shot with a Canon Rebel T2i DSLR camera. I use a Canon EF-S 55-250mm lens for the most part and Canon 18-55mm F/3.5-5.6 Is Auto Focus Lens. When I’m on the move and I dont want to miss a shot I shoot in Sports Mode. When I can take my time and want to capture something exactly the way I see it I put my camera on Manual Mode. I rarely use the other modes. I’m sure they’re good can be useful but these 2 work for me. I also always for the most part play around with Manual Focus. I focus on something with auto focus than switch to manual focus and tweak it to my liking. It allows me to have more control over depth of field blur.

I only use Photoshop CS5 with no third party plugins. Ive tried some plugins that create some cool effects however they always seemed to over do it for me. The effects were always to strong and program options left me feeling not in full control. I mainly mess around with the brightness/contrast, levels, curves. I also play around with selective color. It allows me to tune each color getting it to exactly where I want it. I like rich vivid colors deep blacks crisp images. I try my best to not go overboard. I dont want it to seem like something that cant exist or totally edited. I’m never satisfied with the end result at the moment in regards to image quality. My current camera gear cant deliver the quality I aim for. My next DSLR something along the lines of a Mark III with other lenses should help me take better quality photos.

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