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Photography Wallpapers

Pictures WallpapersI decided to create a Wallpapers page on my site. There you’ll find some of my photos available as wallpapers in 1920×1080 resolutions. Some of the wallpapers might differ from the original photos as I might tweak them for desktops. Feel free to download the wallpapers and use them as backgrounds for anything. If you intend to use the photos for anything besides a background please let me know. This is the internet and you cant stop anybody from stealing your photos. I like taking photos and em proud of my pictures. If you do use them for a project send me a email or message on Instagram. I’m just curious what you would do with them. If you take one of my photos and claim it as yours you’re a bad person. I’ll be adding more wallpapers over time check back regularly to see new ones. Some of the ones I have now are shown below.

Alone Bird WallpaperGreen Trees Road Wallpaper
Dark Eyed Junco WallpaperYellow Blue Flower Wallpaper


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