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Other WebsiteI also own another website where I used to upload my photos. is my other website and its over 7 years old. I haven’t really touched it in the past year. I’ve always liked playing around with Photoshop and even dabbled in CG. You can see some of my CG renders and models I created in 3DS Max. There are also some basic Photoshop tutorials. There are even various wallpapers Ive created for fun. Most of the wallpapers aren’t available in big resolutions because my computer wasn’t the best and Photoshop would lag with big files. I also didn’t have the monitor I have now back then. I plan on doing some major updates to the website soon. You can see some of my older photos on there that aren’t even on this website or my Instagram. The images below are just a few I grabbed from the site. I made the girl celeb wallpapers mainly because I like designing stuff and find girls beautiful. So it was more fun for me to create those than lets say wallpapers featuring vegetables. Visit to see more.

Ferrari F430HD 4850CG LamboCG Render BuildingSunset FloridaRGB Leaf
Glowing PumpkinCute Kitten WallpaperGreen IguanaGlowing Puppy
Red Moon CactusWet Leaf BranchesSand FloorWood On FireBullfightLamborghini Murcielago LP640Kristin Kreuk WallpaperMila Kunis WallpaperMiranda kerr WallpaperMiranda kerr Wallpaper


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