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You can see all my photos and my most recent ones on my Instagram at @samirgfx. I also take pictures with my iPhone 5 and usually dont upload those to this website. My Instagram also features some photos I’ve taken with my camera that I haven’t uploaded here yet. I like to upload my pictures to Instagram because its real people and its one of the quickest ways to get my photos seen. Feel free to follow me and I’ll follow you back. I try to also respond to everyone’s comments. If I dont reply to yours its only because I didn’t see it.

I use the Cropic app when I want an image to fit into the whole frame that was taken with my iPhone. I sometimes also use Photo Editor by Aviary when I want to do some quick touch-ups. However the editing tools that come built in with Instagram do a pretty good job. I’ll make another post going into a little more detail how I edit my photos with Instagram.

Most recent pictures on my Instagram are shown below.


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